Parish Council

Parish Council Membership 2013

Church Office

Our Church Office is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays weekly from the hours of 9am to 12 noon. Our Office Co-Ordinator, Shirley Jodrey, is present at these times. If there is no one in the Office, please leave a message and we will get back to you. For any information regarding our Church please feel free to contact us at 902-462-1818.

Buildings and Grounds

Buildings and Grounds consists of a number of volunteers who assist in any way to repair, clean, mow, snow blow, paint or whatever else is required to keep our church operating. For most things that need attention these dedicated people take care of it. For major issues or anything requiring immediate action, please contact a warden or Reverend Katherine.

Over the past few years a new font has been built, our heating system has been improved and most exciting of all has been the building of our Kitchen. The addition of a storage room has been greatly appreciated by all.

This is an exciting and growing time for our congregation. There is always something to be done or repaired, our Church is very much like our own homes, and it requires ongoing maintenance. We have a growing list of people to help with Buildings and Grounds, but are always looking for more to join. If you are interested please contact a warden or the Church Office at 462-1818.


St. Andrew’s Cemetery is located at 1347 Cole Harbour Road.
Our Cemetery Committee members are:
President: David Rose
Secretary: Kathy Pineo
Treasurer: Linda Schwab

Music/Choir Director

Our Music Director is Bryan Cable and our Organist Emeritus is Cynthia Dickinson.

Office Administrator

Shirley Osborne-Jodrey.  Shirley is in the Office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings until 12 noon.

Parish Wardens

Our Parish Wardens are Janet Howard, Mike Flaherty and Penny Joudrey.

Parish Council

Meets on the third Monday of the month at 7:30pm in the Library.