Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for providing a focus on our financial approaches, budget preparation and fund raising. It also supports the outreach programs and projects in which other Parish groups are engaged.
We are responsible for publishing the Stewardship News. This publication provides information on how we are fulfilling our Stewardship commitments of Time, Talent and Treasure. Previous issues will be made available electronically.
As a committee, we meet on the first Monday of the month. Meeting dates are published in the “Weekly Bulletin.”
If you are interested in joining our team, please contact a committee member or leave your name at the Parish Office.

Treasurer: Our Church Treasurer is Dawn-Marie Giles.
Envelope Secretary: Kathy Pineo
Numbered envelopes are always available from our Envelope Secretary, Kathy Pineo. There are also envelopes on the back of some chairs at church that can be used if necessary.

Karen’s Recycling

Karen’s Recycling accepts “Return for Refund” bottles/cans, etc. Please make sure when you take any items to Karen’s Recycling, 805 Hwy #7 that you mention it is to go to our Church account as the Church of St. Andrew on Locks Road also has an account there as well. Thank you for your donations

Fund Raising

Our person in charge of Fundraising is Wendy Beaver.
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Special Gifts Fund

Increasingly, congregations are creating Endowment Funds and developing Planned Giving Programs as part of their comprehensive approach to Christian Stewardship. All such efforts need to be approached on a sound biblical and theological basis that are in keeping with the nature and mission of the church and are viewed as s pastoral ministry.

Christian stewardship involves the faithful management of all the gifts God has given to human kind-time, talents, the created world, and money. For many people, the Stewardship of money means current income and its use. Stewardship is concerned equally, however, with accumulated, inherited and appreciated resources.

It was in recognition of the above that at the 1993 Annual General Meeting of the Parish that the “Church of Saint Andrew Special Gifts Fund” was established. The Parish considered it a blessing to create the opportunity for new service and ministries both at home and abroad.

Special Gifts are defined as funds, directed or given by bequest to the Parish in the following suggested ways:

  • Unrestricted – the use to be determined by the Special Gifts Fund Committee.
  • Designated – specified by the donor for a particular purpose and restricted to that use.
  • Contingent – specified for a particular purpose, but with the privilege of changing the use of the gift under certain conditions, such as termination of the need to which it was initially designated.
  • Memorials – either unrestricted or designated, and dedicated to the memory of a deceased family member, church member, or friend.
  • Endowments – bequests where the principal amount must be retained and only the income can be disbursed.

In addition to the above listed Special Gifts, gifts may be made in the form of Trusts and Annuities as well as through Life Insurance. Because of the legal and tax implications, the committee does not manage these forms of gifts in a direct manner. Our Parish has a Lay Representative who can provide further information if you should desire to pursue this option.

For further information and for the Special Gift Fund Guidelines/Eligibility and Application Forms please contact the Church Office at 462-1818, or speak to a member of the Church of Saint Andrew Special Gifts Fund committee.


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What is PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance)?

If you have automatic withdrawals from your bank account to pay for insurance, taxes, fuel or mortgage, then you understand the PAR principles. It means regular automatic contributions throughout the year.

Using the Diocesan PAR program is a convenient way to take care of your regular commitments to your Church community month by month. Your bank account or major credit card will be debited on either the 1st. or 15th. of each month. There is a small administrative fee, (charged to the congregation,) for each item processed.

Advantages to you

  • Peace of mind for your Church Community
  • Regular support of your church community in the amount that you choose
  • Continual support of your church community when you are away
  • Avoidance of nasty “catch-up” periods
  • Can reduce the number of transactions through your bank account and associated service fees
  • Peace of mind for your community
  • Through the mission and outreach of your church community
  • Peace of mind for your Church Administration
  • Cash flow improves so that expenses can be dealt with on a more timely basis
  • Reduction of paperwork and bookkeeping

How it works

  1. Decide the amount of your monthly offering. (If you usually give a certain amount weekly, remember there are 4.4, not 4, weeks in a month.)
  2. Complete a PAR Authorization Card and attach a “Void” cheque or your Credit Card number, sign and date. (The Authorization Card can be picked up from the table in the Church, or ask the Church Office and/or the Church Treasurer.)
  3. Drop in the offering plate, give to your Church Treasurer/ Envelope Secretary or Office Administrator.
  4. More Details and forms can be found here

“The pre-authorized remittance program helps me to give consistently…proportionately…intentionally. It helps me to say thank you to God”