Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Good morning!

I woke up this morning thinking about our Vision as a Parish.  Our Vision statement is: To

strive to be a church whose doors are open and welcoming to all. Our belief in God as Creator and Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour compels us to turn our faith into action such that we are a beacon of light in the community where the Holy Spirit is alive and at work in all of our lives.

As I read this I am inspired to continue leading us in this time.  This statement compels us to dig deeper into the meaning of having open and welcoming doors.  It encourages us to seek where the Spirit is alive in our communities and to come alongside and complement the good work God is accomplishing.  This statement calls us to be a beacon of light to ourselves, our parish and our community.  This Vision is alive and so are we!  At this time in our Parish life we have a lot to learn and a lot to try.  I am willing to do both.  I am so honoured to be with all of you at this time.

I will use this Vision in the “Prayer Time with Katherine” today.  I will be praying for us all to be inspired to live into this Vision to its fullest.  We have so much to celebrate and we have so much more to learn and live!  

Calling Any Yarn!

If anyone has acrylic or polyester yarn they are not using, we could use it! There are people continuing to make squares for the blankets for the homeless.  Supplies of yarn can be dropped off at the church.  Please check with the office for available times for drop off.

Let’s tell our story!

We have the website to guide us. We have information and images on Facebook.

This is a time to gather our stories and find a way to pass them along. What are we doing and feeling during these times of isolation and social distancing? An opportunity to record our wide and diverse stories as they are happening. Optimistic; sad; funny; fearful; rested; tired; similar or unique. Spiritual or Secular or both.

Perhaps a story from the start; one from midway and later one from the end. Your story or stories may be at a more focused on a certain time. What will the end result look like?  Individual stories or compilations?  Perhaps the stories themselves will lead the way.

Please send your stories to the Church of Saint Andrew Office office@churchofsaintandrew.ca

You may use your name or remain anonymous. The only person who will see your email addresses will be the office manager.

Pentecost Sunday

The Liturgy group is asking us to send pictures into the office of something that shows the meaning of Pentecost!  Maybe it is you or you and your family dressed in Pentecost colours!  Maybe it is a picture of a talent you are sharing at this time (Baking bread, making squares for the blankets for the homeless, painting, etc!)   We would like to have these images in by May 22nd.  The more the better!

Interest Session

Tonight’s session will be on Nail Care During Covid-19.  Many of us struggle to keep our nails (fingers and toes) healthy in regular circumstances.  Barbara Kent, a licensed esthetician, will help us learn some helpful tips to keeping our nails healthy.

List of Activities this week:  If you are interested in any of the Zoom calls, contact the office and a Zoom link will be emailed to you!

Daily Nature and Nurture: Inspiration in Isolation – Facebook/Website 

Wednesday 7pm – Interest Session (Nail care during Covid19) – Zoom

Thursday 11am Book Club (A Bruised Reed: A Christian Reflection on Suffering and Hope) – Zoom

Friday 11am – Beat the Blues with Bryan – Zoom

Sunday Morning – Morning Prayer Service – Website

Sunday 6:30pm – Family Zoom Ministry – Zoom

Monday 7pm – Liturgy Meeting – Zoom

Tuesday 11am – Coffee and Zoom – Zoom

Wednesday 11am – Prayer Time with Katherine – Zoom

Weekly – Resiliency Through Covid-19: Spiritual Health Awareness Program – Website

Let’s Tell our Story – Email in stories of life and faith during Covid 19 – Email

Outreach Activities

Masks – These are being made from fabric the Church has used and is repurposing.  The material has been washed and will be made into masks.  To order please contact the office.

PWRDF Donations – Please consider making a donation to PWRDF

Needy Fund Donations – Our needy fund continues to be used.  Any help is appreciated.

Cole Harbour Cares – Our refugee group continues to be working to secure funding to bring in a refugee family once we are able.

Blankets for the Homeless – Mother’s union continues to gather yarn to make squares and the squares themselves to be made into blankets.

Delivery – If you require food delivery or are able to deliver food please contact the office.  We are keeping a list of people available to help in this time of need.

Church of Saint Andrew Office – office@churchofsaintandrew.ca

Lots of prayers for everyone!

Archdeacon Katherine

Christmas Services 2019

Christmas Eve Services:

6:30pm – Family Eucharist

This service brings together the joy of our children and the beauty of Christmas.  There is a Children’s time instead of a sermon. There is Communion and lots of singing and surprises!  It is fun and enables us to allow our inner child to shine!

9:00pm – Contemporary Contemplative Eucharist

This is a quiet, reflective service that will be a time to listen to the Christmas message in a beautifully candlelit surrounding.  We offer the opportunity to sing the Christmas carols we love to hear along with Communion.  A nice mix of music, silence and prayer!

11:30pm – Traditional Midnight Eucharist

Our late service is our traditional Christmas Eve Eucharist. This service includes a Christmas message, singing of Christmas carols, a beautifully prepared choral piece and Holy Communion followed by the candlelit singing of Silent Night making this a perfect way to enter into the beauty and joy of Christmas.