Friday, April 3 2020

Good afternoon everyone!

We are continuing our journey and I am finding there are moments of pure joy and moments of sheer exhaustion.  I have heard that mirrored by many of you in conversations I have been having.  My prayers are for all of us!  We are navigating this new landscape and we are risking a lot!  Thank you for journeying with me.  You are all amazing!

Following are some notes for the upcoming week:  

Palm Sunday Crosses

Missing your Palm Sunday Palm Cross?  Barb Kent has recorded a beautiful way to make a Palm Cross from Ribbons.  It has been posted to Facebook.  We are hoping people may consider making one and put it somewhere for people to see!

Holy Week

I have had a lot of questions about Holy Week Services.  Our schedule for next week is going to be a lot different than previous years. 

There will be 3 recorded Services on our Website for Holy Week:

        Maundy Thursday – Evening Reflection

        Good Friday – A reading of the Passion Gospel

        Easter Sunday – Morning Prayer


You can expect to get a financial update by email shortly.  This is a separate email and will not be posted on the Website or Facebook site.  If you have decided to not be a part of the Parish email distribution list but would want to receive financial updates, please contact the office.

Easter Sunday Table Grace

We thought it would be meaningful to have a time to say Easter Table Grace together.  We are going to plan a Zoom call for 4:00 pm on Easter Sunday for 30 minutes.  Display an item of resurrection or hope in your background!

List of Activities this week:  If you are interested in any of the Zoom calls, contact Archdeacon Katherine or the office and a Zoom link will be emailed to you!

DailyNature and Nurture: Inspiration in IsolationFacebook/Website
Sunday MorningPalm Sunday Morning PrayerWebsite
Tuesday 11amCoffee and ZoomZoom
Wednesday 11amPrayer Time with KatherineZoom
Thursday 11amCanoeing the Mountains Book ClubZoom
Thursday EveningMaundy Thursday ReflectionWebsite
Friday MorningGood Friday Reading of the PassionWebsite
Sunday MorningEaster Morning Prayer ServiceWebsite
Sunday 4pmEaster Table GraceZoom

Church of Saint Andrew Office –

Lots of prayers for everyone!

Archdeacon Katherine