Here we are in Week 2!

Church of Saint Andrew Parishioners,

Here we are in Week 2!

I am working very hard to practice what I have been preaching about Missional Church! I keep saying that church is not a building. It is about Christ’s love being shared in our world! Our building is a resource. Well, we are out of the building a lot these days! I have been calling, texting, emailing, and messaging many of our parishioners. It is exciting to hear ways people are reaching out from their Christian hearts to be missional in this world at this time! People are praying, reaching out to each other with phone calls, making meals, delivering food, sharing their pictures, helping a friend. Thank you for your inspiration!

I have had many comments about recording our services in the church building. Thank you for your support. It has been very intentional to record people in different places so that we are aware that we can be church outside the building in a very real way. I am so amazed with the vulnerability people are sharing by being recorded. Many are stepping into very uncomfortable places. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This week we hope to add music!

In many of my calls there is the pain and worry of the economy. Please pray for our families as they encounter many struggles over the weeks ahead. Also, be aware that our CanadaHelps link on our Webpage leads you to a way of giving that can support our Needy Fund Fund and our Parish in the weeks ahead. The Diocese is also prepared for changes and additions in PAR (Pre Authorized Remittance)

The Leadership in the Parish is working hard to have many new offerings every day! Regular updates will be provided Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s during Covid-19.

Email Distribution List:
Last week we sent out an email asking for people to opt in to be part of an email distribution list. Parish communications will be sent out via email and posted to our Website and Facebook Page. If you did not receive this email, and would like to be on the email distribution, please email the church office to be added to the list.

Pastoral Care
Our Pastoral Care Team are currently working on developing a plan on how to connect with Parishioners while we are in our homes. We have already made close to 300 connections but our Parish list is over 800 people. We will continue to make connections and have others join us in our calls. Please feel free to contact me if you need to. I am available by many methods. Connecting goes two ways. I love hearing from you too!

Sunday Services
Services will be recorded and posted on the Website by 8:30 am Sunday mornings! Our first time was last Sunday March 22.

Beer and Theology
Our first Beer and Theology will be held this Wednesday night, March 25th at 8:00pm by Zoom. Topic – Going off the Map! If you are interested to join contact Archdeacon Katherine or the office.

Family Ministry Email Communication
The family ministry group has been sending material to families to help center our lives in our faith. If you are interested on being on this distribution list please contact Nicki Hetherington or the office. Everyone is welcome!

Our Parish email is:

I hope everyone is staying safe!

Lots of love in Christ
Archdeacon Katherine