Love lost is still love…. Life ends…. Love does not

When someone close to us dies we are deeply affected.  It may be following a short unexpected illness, a lengthy illness, a sudden tragic or violent event. So for many it is in the midst of great sadness, your task at hand is to plan a funeral service.  Others have embraced the opportunity to reflect on God’s love and presence in their lives and especially the promise of eternal life as they plan their funeral service.
For those who are pre planning their funeral service there is a preparation for Christian Burial form that can be completed.  Once this is completed your next step would be to meet with your Rector to give her/him a copy of your Preparation for Christian burial. Whether you choose to pre plan your funeral service or you suddenly have to plan a funeral service we hope the following policy and procedures are useful as you make these arrangements.

BEFORE decisions are made with the funeral home, contact our church office (902-462-1818), the Administrative Assistant will take your information and immediately contact the Rector. If your call is made outside regular office hours Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, please use the number identified for use in emergencies.  If it is really late at night or the wee hours of the morning your call may go to voice messaging but will be answered as soon as possible.

There are a variety of choices to be made when preparing for a funeral service.  These choices may impact how it fits with your wishes and those of your loved one as well as the cost. Funeral homes have many options and you may choose to use some but not necessarily all services offered.


The family of the deceased will be contacted as soon as this information has been received into the Church office Administrator

Every attempt will be made to accommodate specific requests for a time and date of the service

If funeral services are to be held at the Church of Saint Andrew, the Rector will liaise with the family and a Funeral Home Representative if one is in attendance

The Rector will conduct Funeral services at the Church of Saint Andrew, Cole Harbour. Upon request and at the invitation of the Rector other clergy will be welcome to participate and/or officiant

The Rector will discuss the Funeral service details with a family representative

Musical selections will be chosen in consultation with the Rector and our Director of Music.  Special request for poems, readings, hymns/musical selection are to be discussed with the rector/or officiant. Consideration is given to the spirituality of the Christian church and the uniqueness of your loved one.

Graveside committal service can be arranged at this time if desired.

The decision to perform a Funeral service at another location is at the discretion of the Rector.


  1. The Rector is contacted by the family or Administrative Assistant and a meeting is scheduled at which time the family/next of kin contact information will be gathered
  2. Time, date, music and all arrangements for service are discussed and made. If the Funeral service is to be held at the Church of Saint Andrew, the appropriate spaces are made available and booked
  3. The Rector consults with the family regarding service details and associated costs
  4. Visitation time will be set if requested
  5. All other details will be discussed and made; ushers, reception, special requests, pictures etc.