You’re getting Married!! Congratulations!

We are thrilled you want to share your joy and hope for the future with us.

The Wedding Liturgy –

At the Church of Saint Andrew, we believe in meaningful liturgy that uplifts and brings God into our lives. And while we love a party as much as anyone, we believe that your wedding liturgy is the most important party of your wedding day.
The Anglican Church of Canada wedding is beautiful and prayerful, asking God and each one who shares this day with you to support and celebrate your union as a couple. We will work with you to plan a ceremony that reflects you, as a couple. We encourage participation and the opportunity is offered to have guests of your choosing take an active part in the readings, the prayers and the music.
We encourage the use of the Unity candle and other symbols important to you and your family. Readings and appropriate music will be discussed when you meet with the Rector and we will guide you in making the best choices that express your faith in God and in each other.
You are encouraged to celebrate your wedding with Holy Eucharist. We offer the option of communion wafers or real bread and the opportunity to process the wine and bread to the altar yourselves or to designate this to someone you wish to participate in this manner.

Nitty Gritty Details

They say God is in the details, and we think this is especially true for weddings! Your successful wedding will require helping us understand the details of your vision. To help you decide if we fit your vision, here are the answers to some questions you may have for us:

Do I have to be Christian for a church wedding? Well, you are seeking to be married in a Christian church, so it sure helps. Your vows are given in the presence of God and He asks that at least one of you believe in Him. If your answer is that neither of you do, then a civil service may be more to your liking.
If you are celebrating an interfaith marriage, let’s talk. Through dialogue we can determine how your marriage can be celebrated and still uphold your faith traditions.

Who can marry? The Anglican Church asks that both parties be baptized, that they be of legal age and that at least one of you is a communicant member of the Anglican Church. We welcome couples desiring to commit to one another with the blessing of God. LGBTQ+ weddings are celebrated here.

Do I need a Marriage license? Sure do! A Provincial Marriage license must be obtained and given to the Rector before the marriage. Click on this link for all the details:

Do we have to do a Marriage Preparation Course? We recognize that each couple asking to be married currently has their own unique circumstances. And as wedding planning can be a very busy time, we ask that couples take the opportunity to think about their lives AFTER the wedding festivities are over. Our Marriage Success course is a time for the two of you to reflect on yourselves as a couple. The course is done on a Regional basis, to help you talk to each other freely and openly, and to learn from other couples. Speakers with various areas of expertise are often invited as well. We have had financial planners, lawyers, and many other specialists in the past. It provides an opportunity to ask that question you may have always wanted to ask!

Does anyone publish Banns anymore and what are they? This was an old legal practice where your intention to marry had to be proclaimed on 3 Sundays in the parish(es) where you lived and intended to marry. Think of it as an early warning system to save couples the embarrassment of objections raised at the wedding as to why you may not be lawfully married. While not required today, it is still a wonderful way to proclaim to a parish your intention to marry.

How much time do we need to “book” a wedding? We ask you give us at least 60 days notice. We are an active parish and we believe your wedding deserves to be more than just another event squeezed in between a Yard Sale and decorating for a Feast Day. As we said before, we believe that your wedding liturgy deserves time for proper planning. Giving us this advance notice gives us time to help you do just that.

What is the etiquette for video recordings and photographs? We believe the words spoken during the Liturgy should not be hidden behind camera clicks and flashes. That’s why we ask your guests to allow the professional you have chosen to record your ceremony for you. Guests may take their own photos as you enter and leave the church and at the signing of the register. The three most important people at your wedding are God and you two. Let us all be able to hear and take notice of what you each have to say.

What will a Church Wedding cost? Like any institution, the Church has expenses too.

  • The Rector has spent time preparing you for this day and celebrating it with you, often giving up a day off to be with you. We recommend an Honorarium of $200.
  • Our organist is available and the fee is $150.
    Use of Organ or Sound System by outside Musicians Our parishioners have generously provided an excellent sound system that we prefer to operate with you to ensure a problem free day. This fee is $100.
  • Use of Church Please consider all of the work that has gone into preparing this beautiful facility for your wedding. The altar has been prepared with the right vestments and you may have been assisted with candles and flowers. This is an opportunity to express your gratitude by the respect you show the building and furnishings and by the donation you make for the use of the Church. We recommend $150.
  • Cleaning The building is cleaned before and after your wedding specifically for your big day. The fee is $50.
  • All fees and honorariums should be placed in separately marked envelopes and given to the priest the night of the rehearsal.

Do we need a rehearsal? Yup! Think of your big day as a play and each actor needs to know where to stand and when to say their lines. The rehearsal is usually the night before the wedding. Bring the wedding party and parents including your ushers and whoever is walking the bride up the aisle. Nerves will be soothed and potential “oops” moments eliminated on the big day.

How do we get started making plans? Please call the church office to make an appointment to meet with our Rector (902-462-1818) or email us: 
To get you started, the next step is all about the details and Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork.
These forms help us gather all the necessary details to help you bring your wedding vision into reality:

Marriage Application and Information – Form

Wedding Guide for Rector and Altar Guild – Form

Marriage Success Registration Form

And now a word from our Sextant aka the person  who cleans up:

No confetti please –it’s a waste of good paper from God’s trees and makes a mess! Try birdseed instead outside – but no corn please, as it’s not good for our resident ducks. We recommend black Niger seed – you know the deluxe stuff – throw that and every goldfinch and chickadee in the area will grace your day. Oh what the heck, stick with bubbles – they are fun and whimsical and  add an air of whimsy.

PS – despite some silliness –we take weddings very seriously – seriously wanting you to have JOY. That is what your first day together as a married couple should be – a JOY-filled day inviting God and all your loved ones to celebrate with you.