Mental Health Awareness

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Managing Your Distress in the Aftermath of a Shooting
In this time of a world-wide pandemic, it is important to keep in mind the high level of resilience that individuals, families and communities evidence. In order to support and bolster such resilience, Donald Meichenbaum is making his book, ROADMAP TO RESILIENCE, available for FREE to help individuals cope with ongoing adversities and losses.
– Donald Meichenbaum, Ph.D.

For those suffering from Addictions:

From the National Federation of Certified Addiction Counsellors

FREE, CONFIDENTIAL Telemedicine support is available to EVERY CANADIAN! Addiction Counselling sessions will be conducted through the platform via chat, video conferencing or a phone call, and are available FREE of charge! Please share with anyone who may need the support through this period of isolation. Our CACCF Certified Counsellors are available 9 am to 9 pm EASTERN 7 days a week.

Access to our CACCF CERTIFIED Counsellors is available by visiting and clicking Book an Appointment. Appointments are available immediately or for dates in the future. There is no limit to the number of appointments that can be scheduled, and the Addiction Counselling is completely FREE of charge

  • Lesson Two
  • Mental Health Awareness Welcome Letter

    Dear Friends,
    Like many of you have had to do, we have been figuring out new and inventive ways to have discussions about mental health; ways to create awareness and to build on our resilience during these strange and often scary times of Covid-19 and the aftermath of a huge tragedy.
    Since we cannot gather in person as was the plan for this series we have resorted to the use of our website to start us thinking so that when we can gather as a group we can have a rich and engaging discussion. It is important to keep in mind that we as individuals, as families and as communities have a lot of resiliency and many are tapping into that right now.
    For those who stopped by on this page, welcome! Your mental health is important as your physical and spiritual health. As we go through these presentations and you have an awareness of your mental fitness I highly encourage you, if required to begin to have a conversation, to reach out and ask for what you need, or if you see someone that needs someone to reach out to them, do just that. For those who have sought in the past mental health care or for those who maybe currently engaged in care, please keep engaged.
    For many of us we are experiencing some stress and anxiety; or hurt and sadness; for others loneliness and anger. Whatever it is you do not need to be alone. Many of us continue to have a sense of purpose and are doing well, tapping into social supports, good coping skills being resilient and mentally tough, and I say hurray! Keep doing what is working.
    The first presentation has been a challenge to put together and give a voice to as I enjoy being interactive and engaging. I encourage you to listen, and to challenge yourself to being open, to try new skills to create new plans as we go through several presentations. We are all in uncharted territory so our response like the first disciples is going to be new and awkward. That is OK!

    Mental Health

    The first presentation is: Mental Health Awareness followed by Building Our Full Potential and later will be Creating a Resilient Community.
    I will from time to time include additional resources and links to sites which allow for us to become more resilient people; to build resilient communities. In the interim however these presentations are only providing information. If you require additional assistance, professional intervention then please seek it immediately. This site cannot be the only tools at your disposal. I look forward to the time when our communities are open, and we can engage once again as a community, a newer community with a new mission. Warmest regards to you all!

    In Service 

    Mike Hobson

    (Lay Minister Church of Saint Andrew)

    Mike has been an inspiration for me to really delve into resiliency. He has opened my ears to hear the word “resiliency” in a new way. I have opened up my mind to see it as gaining tools and experience in how to approach unknown and difficult circumstances and thrive! I can see Jesus encouraging us to thrive as Spiritual beings. I am excited to engage the conversation with Mike and each of you who are willing to journey to learn and develop Spiritual Resiliency.

    Archdeacon Katherine Bourbonniere
    Rector Church of Saint Andrew

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